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5 Signs You Aren’t Managing Your Money Well

Losing your finances usually occurs over time, and that’s why it is useful to take a good look at your finances every month. When you are beginning to feel stressed every month trying to pay your bills, there are usually explanations for your lack of money at the end of the month. Here are 5 signs that indicate you are losing control of your finances.

You’re Consistently Late with Bills

A late bill here or there is one thing, but if you are consistently late on bills you are losing control of your money. In addtion, you are spending extra money on late fees every month, which can quickly add up.

You are Buying Lottery Tickets for Your Retirement Plans

The lottery is supposed to be fun, not a retirement plan. If you are buying lottery tickets and you don’t have a savings account, you need to take the money you are using to buy the tickets and put it in the bank.

You Hide Your Actions from Your Partner

When you don’t want your partner to know about your spending habits, you probably realize you are doing something wrong. Be upfront with your partner to avoid arguments later.

You are Charging Your Utility Bills on Credit Cards

Credit cards charge high interest when you take a cash advance. If you are using credit cards checks to pay for your utilities, it’s time to cut down on your spending habits.

You’re Not Sure How Much Debt You Have

Hiding your head in the sand is a sure sign that your finances are getting out of control. If you don’t know how much debt you have, it’s time to find out. Take charge of your financial life and get a free credit report. Take the steps necessary to get your financial life back on track.

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