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Bankruptcy: A Pre-filing Checklist

The decision to file for bankruptcy should never be taken lightly, but if you are exploring that step as a solution to severe financial difficulty, take the time to tackle the details early in the process.

Your first step should be to schedule an initial consultation with a trained and trusted bankruptcy attorney. As you probably know, there are various types of bankruptcy, and specific requirements, timetables and limitations that vary from one state to another. Your legal adviser will answer all your questions, and tell you about the checklist of documents you will be required to provide. You might also gain insight into other possible options. No matter where you currently are along the path toward bankruptcy, remember that the actual filing takes time. There is no “one size fits all” form of bankruptcy, and you must be comfortable working with your attorney throughout the process.

Some specific documents you should pull together include:

The more documents and details you bring to an initial meeting, the easier it will be to obtain pertinent and definitive advice.

While considering bankruptcy, it can also be a way to get back on your feet financially after a rough period or catastrophic event. Remember that Clark & Washington is a proven bankruptcy resource for Georgia residents.

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