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Speeding Up Your Bankruptcy Proceeding Isn’t Impossible

When you are filing for a bankruptcy, it can feel like the process takes forever. While there are certain guidelines in every state that must be followed, there are ways you can help speed along your bankruptcy process. When you are in the midst of financial trouble and you want to get a bankruptcy done quickly, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer to guide you through the process is your first logical step.

Consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Although it will cost you a little money to hire a bankruptcy lawyer, it will be worth the cost in the end. There is a lot of stress involved when filing for bankruptcy, and the faster you can get the job done, the less time you will spend stressing about how the proceedings will go. Work with your attorney and listen to their advice, allowing them to handle the intricacies of your bankruptcy proceeding for you. Some attorneys offer complimentary bankruptcy consultations to answer any and all questions, take them up on their offer.

Keep on Top of All the Paperwork

Make sure to gather together all of your paperwork that is necessary to file for bankruptcy. All of your creditor information will need to be provided to your bankruptcy attorney. Whenever you get updated paperwork, it’s important to provide this information as well. When you stay organized, you will be able to quickly respond to questions that your lawyer may have regarding your bankruptcy. When you have quick access to your records, you can answer people quickly. This will help keep your bankruptcy going smoothly.

These are just two suggestions for speeding up your bankruptcy case. In order to help you keep track of the timeline, Clark & Washington has created an infographic for you. Stay on top of your case with our help!

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