There are a lot of lawyers out there, and it can be difficult to make a choice on which is the best one to help you. Filing for bankruptcy is an emotional decision, and those feelings can easily cloud your choices at every stage of the game. You may just want to pick the one that’s cheapest, but you should also know by now that spending a little more today can save you money in the long run.

Here are five traits to look for when it comes to choosing a lawyer.


1. Communication

Are you really going to read through that entire contract? Do you understand half the forms you’re filling out? Chances are, you probably don’t. Your lawyer should be able to explain things to you, answer questions and be specific about what you can expect from their services. There are a lot of ways people can take advantage of you, so if you feel like a potential lawyer is hiding something, that’s the time to cut and run.

2. Specialty

All lawyers have learned the basics of bankruptcy, but that doesn’t mean you should be hiring them to represent you. You should be choosing someone who has a lot of experience in the type of bankruptcy you’re filing (either Chapter 7 or 13), and your lawyer should be up to date with all of the current tax laws.

3. The Right Reputation

This tip gets a little tricky because those who have used your potential lawyer before probably know as much about the law as you do. However, reviews can be a great way to get basic information like how responsive your lawyer is and whether or not people had problems with their court case.

4. Mannerisms

Will you get along with your attorney? Do they seem arrogant, bored or too busy to deal with you? You’re giving this person money to file and you’ll feel much better if you actually like the person.

5. Fees

You don’t want to take a chance with your bankruptcy case, because the hassle of the case being rejected or otherwise complicated isn’t worth your time. But you also shouldn’t be paying three times more than what you should just because you don’t want to worry about leaving it in the wrong hands. Find out the averages in your area, and don’t be afraid to spend a little over that (but not too much).

Bankruptcy is not an easy process, no matter who you choose to represent you. You can make it a little easier on yourself though when you choose Clark & Washington. We have the industry lawyers with everything you need to help set your mind at ease. Contact us today.

Image Courtesy of: Pixabay