Bankruptcy proceedings can be confusing and stressful. The only thing that can make the process easier is help. Rely on an experienced bankruptcy attorney to move through your case quickly and efficiently. Read on to discover three reasons you will be thankful for representation:

1. Your Bankruptcy Attorney Will Help You Decide Which Type of Bankruptcy is Best

There are many different types of bankruptcy, including two types of personal bankruptcy. These include Chapter 7 (liquidation) and Chapter 13 (adjustment of debts). Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for those whose debt is well beyond their income. They may not be able to pay back their debts for many reasons including sickness, loss of job or divorce. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed when you have certain types of debt that cannot be discharged by Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Examples of these types of debts include child support payments or property taxes. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you best determine the type of bankruptcy that is right for you.

2. Your Bankruptcy Attorney Will Be Present Duribusinesswoman in officeng Mandatory Meetings

During the bankruptcy process, you will have to attend a mandatory meeting with a trustee (an attorney assigned to look for assets) and any creditors who wish to be there. This meeting can be daunting and intimidating if you go it alone. To help prepare you for the meeting, your counsel will meet with you beforehand to discuss the process. He will be present for the meeting, answering questions and taking note of important facts. If this is your first experience with bankruptcy, having an experienced person present will help you feel comfortable and confident that no details are overlooked.

3. Your Bankruptcy Attorney Will Guide You Through Necessary Steps and Procedures

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, the paperwork alone can seem endless. This paperwork will also be full of financial terms and lingo that can seem foreign to you. If you select an attorney, he can help you complete the paperwork correctly and can file it properly. Additionally, a bankruptcy attorney will be able to see holes and opportunities in your case, helping you to get what you want more efficiently.

For individuals dealing with financial woes — declaring bankruptcy can be scary, overwhelming and confusing. On top of all of those feelings, the courts ask for a lot of your time and answers to questions you may not know. Why not rely on someone who does this for a living? An experienced attorney can give you peace of mind and get you what you need from the court. Contact Clark & Washington today — you’ll be thankful you did.