Having a clearly defined budget is a must. Having a clearly defined budget written down or on your phone is even better. Use an app to stay within your means with ease. And do not spend a dime to do so.

These apps, all free, can allow you to keep up with your budget no matter where you are. They can even give you reminders and notifications right to you cell phone. Your phone can help you save money if you have the right apps installed. Check out this list of the best budgeting apps of 2015 and download some today to help you stick to your budget.

budgeting apps

  1. Wally. Wally is a simple app that can track your income and expenses, and even help you project your savings. It makes keeping track of your spending, saving and earning more simple because it allows you to keep up with everything without creating a detailed budget. The app takes a look at your saving versus income ratio and helps you to focus on your spending that way. If you want an app that is simple and can help you save even more, then Wally is for you.
  2. BillGuard. With this app you can not only automate your budget, but also create notifications that alert you whenever a charge occurs that may be unauthorized. It will monitor all of your accounts and credit cards so you can have more safety along with an automated budget. If you do not have a lot of time to create a budget, then BillGuard is the app for you.
  3. DollarBird. With this app, you can be more hands-on with your budget. You can create your own budget and you can enter your expenses manually. It is designed to be easy to use and is better for someone who wants to enter their financial information on their own. It is also better for a single person trying to maintain a budget.
  4. Level Money. This app syncs up with your accounts and credit cards so you can see how much you can afford to spend on a given day, a specific week, or even for the month. This is based off of the budget that you have entered into the account. It will even estimate your income, show your bill expenses, and ask for a percentage to be set aside for savings. After this amount is taken out of the budget, it will tell you how much is left to spend.
  5. Wallet. Wallet is both an app and a web platform. It will sync everything to both platforms so you can monitor it at any time. You set your income, budget, and savings, and it will monitor all spending.

Get control of your spending with your mobile device. We spend enough time on our phones anyway — use it to do something useful.

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