Your debts have become overwhelming and you need to begin again on a clean slate. How do you choose an experienced and professional bankruptcy lawyer? With advertisements posted on billboards and even at bus stops, how can you find a bankruptcy attorney that will help you through the process and give your case the time and attention in needs? You need representation from experts in their field and sound advice to help you make the most of the bankruptcy process. Learn how to choose the right bankruptcy attorney for your individual situation today.

How to Check Up on Your Bankruptcy Attorney?chapter-13-bankruptcy-attorney-irvine-riverside-ca

Whether you have researched a bankruptcy attorney online or have received a referral, you must do your homework to make sure that your attorney has the legal expertise you need. To begin:

  • See if they are active members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Such attorneys are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest bankruptcy developments.
  • Check their certification using your state bar’s website. The majority of states require specialist certifications to practice bankruptcy law.
  • Shortlist a few bankruptcy lawyers, view their websites and schedule free consultations with a handful of them. You will be able to gauge price and comfort level when interviewing a few lawyers to take your case.

There are a few qualities that will make the selection process easier. The right bankruptcy attorney will be able to discuss multiple resolutions. An ethical lawyer will make all available options clear to you. Chapter 7 may not be the best way to handle your outstanding debt. Each case is different and filing for bankruptcy may not be your best course of action.

Get Legal Guidance for Your Financial Situation

Bankruptcy can be a stressful process. As legal experts on Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, the legal team at Clark & Washington can help you navigate the bankruptcy process today.