Summer is coming and that is great for your children but you may be dreading it. That is because instead of being at school all day, they will be at home and they will want to do all kinds of things. The problem with that is that it can get to be very expensive to fund all of these extra activities throughout the summer. Fortunately, we have a few summer fun ideas that will keep your children happy and entertained while letting you have some financial peace.

  • Visit the town’s free attractions. There are a lot of free attractions in cities all over the United States. You can find museums with low or no admission cost and while it may seem like it would be boring to you, it is new to the child and they will likely love it.
  • Go to a neighboring town. When you run out of things to do in your town, venture out to a neighboring area and take advantage of their free or relatively inexpensive attractions. You never know what you will in the summer
  • Go on a hike at a local park. This is a free activity that gets them out of the house and also provides some great exercise. You can find the local trails around your home with a quick online search.
  • Find a free local concert in a park. Most cities have free concerts all the time and it is a great way to get children out of the house. Who doesn’t love live music? Plus, you do not have to worry about them squirming in their seats with this kind of outing.
  • Have a traditional game night. It may not be something that they jump up to do but it can be a lot of fun! Break out the games and start the family fun. It is a great way to bond and they may just find their favorite new game.
  • Go bowling with the family. Children love to go bowling and you can find a lot of deals for children in the summer. Check your local bowling alley and make a day or night of it.
  • Ask the children to help you cook. This is a great way to teach them how to cook as well as keep those math skills sharp. Plus it is a great family bonding activity.
  • Let them play sports outside. If they really need something to do and you can’t go anywhere, challenge them to a sports game of some sort. It will be fun for everyone and gets some exercise in.