Medical expenses are rapidly increasing in the United States. With higher deductibles that are coming with insurance policies and Americans who are still without insurance, people are paying more out of their own pocket for health care than ever before.

Along with these costs is the frequent inability to cover the costs, resulting in mounting debt for these expenses by taking out loans or simply leaving medical bills unpaid. If you fall into this category and are having trouble making payments, you are not alone.

Even With Insurance, Medical Bills Are Increasing

This is taking a toll on many people, causing them to take out personal loans to pay for the expenses or to spend all of their savings, which can leave them with a debt load they cannot afford. past due medical billsPeople often end up charging their health care expenses to a credit card account that they cannot manage to pay back. The problem is a serious one that should not be taken lightly.

Your Options in This Situation

Not all medical debt is covered when filing for bankruptcy, though you do have options. Bankruptcy may allow you some relief, and then work on rebuilding your life afterward. Many people in this situation have turned to this option because it seems like there is no other way out from behind a mountain of debt.

If you are facing increasing bills that you simply cannot pay and it is already causing you financial instability, now is the time to act. Contact our bankruptcy lawyer today to go over all of your options so you can put these bills in the past. Read more about what medical bankruptcy is or if you’d like to discuss your own personal situation with someone in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call the experts at Clark & Washington today.