The American founding fathers included bankruptcy in the Constitution to help people facing financial problems maintain their freedom. Most individuals overwhelmed with debts realize eventually that they cannot enjoy life. There is always the concern about creditor calls, wage garnishments and foreclosures. It may seem that there is nothing one can do to end the tide of debt.

So, to provide relief there is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This program is fairly straightforward and requires the filing of paperwork that a firm, such as Clark & Washington, can help the petitioners complete. It is important to get legal help because any mistakes might delay the process, allowing creditors to take action. Getting things done in a timely fashion results in a stay of payments, meaning the client can relax a bit until the court settles things. In most cases, there is only one time that the debtor has to even visit the federal courthouse.

Once granted, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy order wipes out all almost all debts. The petitioner has the chance to restart life anew. pros and cons of choosing bankruptcy

Now, of course, there are pros and cons to every situation. The following are some pros and cons of choosing a Chapter 7 plan.


  • no repayment plan necessary
  • possibility to retain exempt property
  • individuals and businesses can use Chapter 7
  • debts discharged
  • collections ended
  • low cost
  • takes only a few months


  • trustee may liquidate non-exempt assets and property
  • can only be used every 6 to 8 years
  • houses can be foreclosed, unless current on payments
  • does not include student loans and tax debts

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Everyone at this firm wants to help make the process as smooth as possible. And, why should it not be? Americans have a Constitutional right to discharge debts that have become impossible to pay. Anyone faced with this unfortunate reality should avail themselves of the chance to retain proper legal counsel.