At Clark & Washington Attorneys at Law in Atlanta, GA, we understand that the decision to file is not always an easy one, and the process can be even more difficult. Missing pieces can mean failure, but we are committed to keeping you on the right track.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy, most simply stated is a reorganization of debt that allows you to repay a portion of that debt according to your ability. The process of filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and following through with it until it is dismissed years later is far from simple. In many cases, Chapter 13 bankruptcies are not properly completed, and many of the financial woes continue, especially if the debtor attempts to get through the process without the support of a Chapter 13 attorney.

Evaluating Your Debt and Assetsbankrupt man's wallet

It should come as no surprise that many people who are in the position of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may not have a full understanding of exactly what their debts and assets are, and looking closely at everything you own and owe can be a very overwhelming experience. Here are some of the things your attorney will ultimately need to know in order to complete your bankruptcy filing and help you get on the right track with your bankruptcy trustee.

  • Tax returns for two years
  • Last six months of income documentation
  • Proof of vehicle value
  • Retirement and bank account statements
  • Proof of expenses, such as child support or alimony
  • Evidence of any need to make exceptions to filing requirements, such as loss of documents

Debt Counseling and Meeting Requirements

One of the first things that will be expected of you as you get ready to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you go through debt counseling. Your attorney will help guide you toward an approved and reputable counselor that can help you learn the skills necessary to avoid a future filing.

Meeting with Creditors

While getting an automatic stay is one benefit many look forward to when filing Chapter 13, the time will come eventually when you must face your creditors. Your attorney can help keep this meeting civil and defend your reasons for filing.

Getting on Track with Payments

In many cases, payments to your creditors will be expected before bankruptcy is complete. Your attorney can help you get organized so you can make timely payments with your trustee.

Improved Success with an Attorney

While some people have tried to file for bankruptcy without a Chapter 13 attorney, most are unable to get through the process. There are several “tests” along the way that look at things like “good faith” and “feasability” that can be overwhelming to go through alone.

At Clark & Washington Attorneys at Law in Atlanta, GA, we will look closely at your financial situation and help you through the organization you need to successfully file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. To learn more and discuss your options, contact us online, or call us at 770-691-1220 to arrange a free consultation.