It can get very aggravating when you have a debt collector calling you several times a day. Some companies will even continue to harass you for weeks and months on end. However, there are ways to make them stop. You simply need to know a little bit about how the law works. If you have an issue with collection calls and need some professional help, contact a bankruptcy law firm in Atlanta.

What the Law Says About Debt Collectors

First, you should know that you are not required by law to speak to a debt collector on the phone. You are completely within your rights if you hang up on them. They, however, are in violation of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) if they continue to call you after you hang up on them. First of all, you can often stop the calls if you request to communicate in writing. This will also give you a written record of all communication with collectors that pertains to the case. By law, they are not required to abide by this request, but you will often find that most will. Another way to end harassment is to send a cease and desist letter requesting that they end all further communication with you. This can only be done to debt collectors, not the original creditor. If you believe that you have been contacted by a debt collector who then violated the FDCPA, contact a local attorney to determine any further action.

What if it Is not Your Debt?

You may be contacted by debt collectors even if the debt is not originally yours. This can happen when you get a new number, for example. To stop these calls, have them verify that the debt is not yours. This should prevent them from contacting you, but if they won’t stop, you may have to send the collector another cease and desist letter.

Contact an Attorney

There are many lawyers who make these kind of cases their specialty. Also, if all of the debt is rightfully yours, and you have no way of paying it back, you may need to explore your options — including bankruptcy. An attorney can advise you on these options and help determine which option works for you. If bankruptcy is the best option for your situation, you will want to have exhausted all other options for repayment. A professional can help you through this process and lead you on the path to living a collection call free life. Let Clark & Washington end the collection calls today.


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