If you have recently had your debt discharged in a bankruptcy but you are still getting calls from debt collectors, first you must see if the creditor was properly notified of the bankruptcy. If the creditor was not informed of the bankruptcy, then they can’t get into trouble for trying to collect on the debt. Once they receive notification of your bankruptcy proceedings, they are no longer able to call you to try and collect the debt.

The Basics of Filing For Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy, all of your creditors will be listed. Your attorney will take a careful look at your credit report, and determine exactly who your list of creditors are. Once creditors are identified, an address where they can officially be reached is documented. Once the bankruptcy is filed, each creditor receives the notice of the bankruptcy at the official address. If your creditor was served as part of the bankruptcy, they can’t call you claiming that they didn’t know.

If a Debt Collector Continues Calling After Bankruptcy

woman annoyed by debt collectors calling
When a creditor continues to call you after receiving notice, their actions are deemed intentional. This means that any attempt to reach you is a violation of the bankruptcy proceeding. If you continue to get harassed by a creditor, you can sue because of the violations for damages and for your legal fees to be paid. Once you hire an attorney to deal with a creditor who won’t stop calling you after a bankruptcy, they are likely to stop bothering you because they know they will lose in court and have to pay your legal fees.

If you are being harassed by creditors after a bankruptcy, give Clark & Washington a call at 770-824-3108 to see what your options are. You have the right to have the phone stop ringing from collection calls when you have successfully gone through a bankruptcy proceeding.