Bankruptcy can help you get a new start on your finances when you have a significant amount of debt. Although filing for bankruptcy without an attorney is an option, this could lead to problems or complications with your case, which can end up costing you more.

Hiring an experienced attorney when filing for bankruptcy can help ensure that this legal process goes smoothly. When you hire Clark & Washington, PC for help filing for bankruptcy, you can expect the following advantages.

Advantages of Working With Clark and Washington Bankruptcy Attorneys

Preparing to File

Filing for bankruptcy involves applying the means test to see if you qualify for bankruptcy and which type you qualify for. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can offer faster relief from debt, but you could lose your home if you are behind on mortgage payments. Chapter 13 bankruptcy takes longer to eliminate debt, while allowing you to catch up on payments and keep your home.filing for bankruptcy in atlanta georgia

Our attorneys can help walk you through this test and determine accurate values for your property, which you will need to disclose for bankruptcy. Other steps to prepare for filing include applying exemptions and determining discharge of debts.

Completing Paperwork and Gathering Documentation

Filing for bankruptcy involves filling out paperwork that shows your financial situation, such as recent transactions, your income and expenses, and your debts. Our attorneys can ensure that all paperwork is properly and completely filled out and filed on time. With a trusted attorney at your side, you’ll also know which financial documents you’ll need to gather for your bankruptcy, such as tax returns. Keep in mind that not having all of the necessary paperwork and documentation can lead to delays or other issues with your bankruptcy case.

Negotiating with Creditors

Our attorneys can handle negotiations with your creditors. For Chapter 13 bankruptcy, attorneys and creditors often negotiate payment terms, interest rates, and the value of any property that is being used as collateral. For Chapter 7 bankruptcy, attorneys and creditors might negotiate reaffirmation agreements or redemptions to prevent you from losing your home or vehicle. Having attorneys handle these negotiations can help you get a better deal on your mortgage, credit card, vehicle loans, and other debts.

Modifying Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy process can take some time to complete. During this process, your situation might change, such as losing your job or experiencing another type of hardship. Our attorneys can discuss short-term or long-term modifications to your bankruptcy plan’s terms with the court due to hardship. If your circumstances are more severe, you might have the option to change to Chapter 7 bankruptcy and eliminate all eligible debts.

Clark And Washington is Georgia’s Top Bankruptcy Firm

If you are planning to file for bankruptcy, please contact Clark & Washington, PC today. We have locations throughout Georgia and decades of experience. Let’s discuss your options. You can schedule a consultation through our online contact form or by calling 770-488-9300.

Multiple Locations and Decades of Experience

Clark & Washington, PC has several locations available throughout the Atlanta metro area. For your convenience, you can schedule your consultation and meet with us at the office that is closest to your home. We also have decades of experience in helping clients file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When you hire us, you can depend on having knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at your side throughout the bankruptcy process.

Zero Down for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you plan on filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Clark & Washington, PC offers a zero down option for those who qualify. These qualifications include having the ability to eventually pay associated fees, a desire to eliminate debt, and an established bank account. This option can help ensure that you are able to start the bankruptcy process rather than delaying it as your debt increases.

Low-Cost Initial Payment for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The upfront cost of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can cause some individuals to hesitate or delay this process, putting them at a higher risk of sinking into further debt. Clark & Washington, PC allows clients to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy starting at a fee of $78. This provides an affordable way to begin the bankruptcy process and start working toward eliminating debt.

If you are planning to file for bankruptcy, please contact Clark & Washington, PC today. You can schedule a consultation through our online contact form or by calling 770-488-9300.