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What Happens When A Co-Signer Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

People who have poor credit or a limited credit history may choose to apply for a loan using a cosigner. When agreeing to become a co-signer, the applicant with stronger credit takes on the legal obligation to pay the debt incurred by the primary applicant in case of default. A common example of this scenario is when a parent co-signs a loan for a young adult child’s first car or student loan.

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Reasons You Need Our Help Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can help you get a new start on your finances when you have a significant amount of debt. Although filing for bankruptcy without an attorney is an option, this could lead to problems or complications with your case, which can end up costing you more.

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Trust Our Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy should never be taken lightly. When you have the right professionals by your side to help you through that process, it is possible to make the right decision for yourself and your financial future. Working with Georgia’s premier bankruptcy attorneys can help you to start on the right path. Consider a few key aspects of filing bankruptcy now.

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Should You Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney? Yes!

If you are struggling to pay mountains of debt and you don’t see a way out, bankruptcy may be the best option available to you. When you file for bankruptcy, you are given tools that help you manage or even eliminate your debts so you can begin working toward financial recovery. However, attempting to file for bankruptcy without legal guidance is not recommended. Below are some of the benefits of hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney near Atlanta.

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Life After Bankruptcy: 7 Steps To Rebuilding Your Credit

Once you have filed for bankruptcy and your case has been closed, you may find yourself relieved but also scared about what comes next. Now that you have removed debt, you are still stuck with a bankruptcy on your credit and your credit score has likely gone down. It takes time to rebuild your credit but that doesn’t mean it will happen on its own. There are things you will need to do after your Atlanta bankruptcy so start rebuilding credit. Use these 7 steps to help get your credit back on track.

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What Can I Do if I Am in a Chapter 13 Case, but I Need a Car?

Depending on your Chapter 13 bankruptcy arrangements, you may find yourself without a car or, during your years of repayment, you may need a new car. … which often means a new car loan. Because a vehicle is often required for work or family purposes, you will have a chance to buy one if necessary. Here are the important steps in the process!

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Celebrities that Have Filed for Bankruptcy and Bounced Back

Are you have some financial trouble? Are you worried or ashamed or embarrassed about the possibility of filing for bankruptcy?

At Clark & Washington, we understand that there are stigmas associated with bankruptcy. We want to debunk these myths.

No one is immune to financial trouble, even celebrities. Read this list of celebrities that have declared bankruptcy and bounced back from it successfully. Life after bankruptcy is very possible, as these celebrities have shown us!

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Myths Debunked – Three Ways Bankruptcy Shows You Care

Are you struggling with your finances and having trouble keeping up with your bills? Do you avoid creditors because you know you can’t pay them? Have you thought about filing for bankruptcy but are concerned about the stigma that goes along with it?

If you have answered yes, it’s time to debunk those myths. There is no shame in declaring bankruptcy; instead, it demonstrates you want a fresh start in life. Here are three reasons bankruptcy is a good thing and shows how much you care.

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Myth Debunked – You Can Keep Your House

If you are afraid that you’ll soon lose your home to foreclosure, don’t panic. Clark and Washington can help you and your family keep your home. Our bankruptcy law firm is here to evaluate your personal financial situation and provide advice as to how you can prevent a life-altering foreclosure.

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Myth Debunked – You Can Own Property Again

Bankruptcy is a scary word and there are a million assumptions about the process that are just not accurate. For someone in a dire financial situation, the most important thing they need to do is remain calm and learn their options before making any decisions. If you’ve never looked into bankruptcy in a serious way, you may have some preconceived notions that aren’t accurate. People repeat these things so often that many assume the gossip is an accurate representation. And the gossip always makes things more dire than they are in reality.

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Clark & Washington Has Many Locations to Serve You

If you are constantly overwhelmed by debts and bills, are being harassed regularly by collectors and need to get a fresh start, bankruptcy could be the answer. Depending on your personal situation, the bankruptcy process could help you start over and leave many of your troubling and longstanding financial problems behind. If you are in the Atlanta area, there’s a Clark & Washington office near you, ready to help you begin your bankruptcy journey.

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Divorce or Bankruptcy? What to Do in This Scary Situation

It likely goes without saying that financial burdens and debt may be one of the top reasons couples choose to get divorced. Are you and your spouse divided over divorce and bankruptcy problems? Let Clark & Washington, the personal bankruptcy experts in the Southeast, answer all your questions about divorce and bankruptcy, including which should come first.

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Possible Bankruptcy Benefits

Bankruptcy is hard but you may be entitled to keep certain benefits in the state of Georgia. Let Clark & Washington help secure those benefits and contact us today.

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