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Filing for Bankruptcy in a Suburb: Do the Neighbors Really Need to Know?

Snooping Neighbor (small)Bankruptcy carries a stigma that is unwarranted. This legal process simply allows you to get out from under onerous debt and gives you a fresh start. In many cases, the only people who know about your bankruptcy are your legal team and your immediate family. Your mail carrier may know as well, but they’ve been delivering your dunning and collections notices for years and pretty much know what’s up with every family on the block.

Deciding who to tell about your bankruptcy is up to you; people may be a lot less interested in your finances than you think, particularly if you don’t seem shamed or embarrassed by this common process.

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Myth Debunked – You Can Keep Your House

If you are afraid that you’ll soon lose your home to foreclosure, don’t panic. Clark and Washington can help you and your family keep your home. Our bankruptcy law firm is here to evaluate your personal financial situation and provide advice as to how you can prevent a life-altering foreclosure.

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Myth Debunked – You Can Own Property Again

Bankruptcy is a scary word and there are a million assumptions about the process that are just not accurate. For someone in a dire financial situation, the most important thing they need to do is remain calm and learn their options before making any decisions. If you’ve never looked into bankruptcy in a serious way, you may have some preconceived notions that aren’t accurate. People repeat these things so often that many assume the gossip is an accurate representation. And the gossip always makes things more dire than they are in reality.

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