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What Can I Do if I Am in a Chapter 13 Case, but I Need a Car?

Depending on your Chapter 13 bankruptcy arrangements, you may find yourself without a car or, during your years of repayment, you may need a new car. … which often means a new car loan. Because a vehicle is often required for work or family purposes, you will have a chance to buy one if necessary. Here are the important steps in the process!

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Is Bankruptcy The Best Option for You?

When deciding on the right time to file for bankruptcy, it’s important to consider all the factors associated with such an important financial decision. Many individuals may feel they are a few steps from going under.How can you tell if bankruptcy is the best choice for you? Click here to read more »

Will Your Fiancee’s Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit?

Living happily ever after means being realistic about finances, and open and honest about all aspects of your life together. While marrying someone who has previously declared bankruptcy does not automatically affect your own credit rating, money management will affect your future together.

Discuss with your intended the reasons that led to a bankruptcy, and the lessons he or she learned about financial affairs. Whether it was a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and what led to it can certainly have an effect on your life. Remember that a bankruptcy is reported on an individual’s credit report for a minimum of seven years. With a Chapter 13 court-mandated repayment plan, you might face an additional financial burden as a couple until the debt is repaid. Click here to read more »

Do You Have Too Many Assets to Qualify for Bankruptcy Protection

You’ve overspent on your credit cards, and then you had major car repair expenses and some problems at work. The bill collectors are closing in and prospects for the future look bleak unless maybe your lottery ticket pays off. But you’ve stopped believing in miracles. All you would really like is some relief from day-to-day worries, and perhaps some additional time to pay your debts. You have a job, and some assets. For now, you have a place to live and you can still afford groceries, but you know you have to be careful, and there’s no money for fun; certainly not enough to handle another emergency. Click here to read more »

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