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What Can I Do if I Am in a Chapter 13 Case, but I Need a Car?

Depending on your Chapter 13 bankruptcy arrangements, you may find yourself without a car or, during your years of repayment, you may need a new car. … which often means a new car loan. Because a vehicle is often required for work or family purposes, you will have a chance to buy one if necessary. Here are the important steps in the process!

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Do’s and Don’t’s of Bankruptcy

If you feel like you’re drowning financially with no hope in sight, then bankruptcy may be the solution, but what are the rules? The process is complex and overwhelming for some, which is why you hire an attorney to do most of the legwork. You can save time and money, however; by avoiding some common errors when getting ready to file.

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What to do while waiting on Chapter 7 proceedings?

While a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often consider the fastest form of personal bankruptcy, that doesn’t mean it happens immediately. As the proceedings continue, you may find yourself waiting for court dates to be set, creditors to meet, paperwork to be filed, and so on. What should you do with this time on your hands? Here’s what you should know.

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Am I Eligible for Chapter 7?

The decision to explore bankruptcy as a solution to serious financial problems is a difficult step to take. Sometimes our clients find themselves in a precarious financial position through no fault of their own and find that bankruptcy is the most sensible solution to their financial difficulties. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available to individuals who meet specific income criteria.

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Speeding Up Your Bankruptcy Proceeding Isn’t Impossible

When you are filing for a bankruptcy, it can feel like the process takes forever. While there are certain guidelines in every state that must be followed, there are ways you can help speed along your bankruptcy process. When you are in the midst of financial trouble and you want to get a bankruptcy done quickly, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer to guide you through the process is your first logical step.

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Be Thankful You Have a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy proceedings can be confusing and stressful. The only thing that can make the process easier is help. Rely on an experienced bankruptcy attorney to move through your case quickly and efficiently. Read on to discover three reasons you will be thankful for representation:

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Tips to Get on Your Feet After Bankruptcy

You’ve Filed for bankruptcy in Georgia and your case is over. What do you do now? How do you reset, start fresh and regain credit after bankruptcy? These five tips will get you started on life after bankruptcy.

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Protect Your Home With These Tips

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, a common concern is the possibility of having to give up one’s home. If you’re concerned about what will happen to your home when you file for bankruptcy, here are a few tips that will help you protect your home.

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