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Best Steps to Creating a Budget you Can Actually Stick to

Creating a budget is a huge step to financial freedom but creating one and creating one that you can actually stick to are two different things. Use our helpful steps to create a budget that works for you and one that you can be successful with.

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What Can I Do if I Am in a Chapter 13 Case, but I Need a Car?

Depending on your Chapter 13 bankruptcy arrangements, you may find yourself without a car or, during your years of repayment, you may need a new car. … which often means a new car loan. Because a vehicle is often required for work or family purposes, you will have a chance to buy one if necessary. Here are the important steps in the process!

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Low-Cost Activities for the Kids this Summer

Summer is coming and that is great for your children but you may be dreading it. That is because instead of being at school all day, they will be at home and they will want to do all kinds of things. The problem with that is that it can get to be very expensive to fund all of these extra activities throughout the summer. Fortunately, we have a few summer fun ideas that will keep your children happy and entertained while letting you have some financial peace.

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Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may seem like it is inevitable but there are a few strategies you can try before filing. Follow some of these steps before you decide that bankruptcy is the only option left.

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Avoid Utility Bill Surprises to Budget Better

The tighter your financial situation is, the more important it is to budget everything, including your utility bills. In most parts of the country, gas and electric can vary widely from month to month. Gas bills can double over a very cold snap and electric bills can be a fraction of the price when there’s no need for air conditioning. Click here to read more »

Home Budget Basics: Making A Budget You Can Stick To

Having a budget is a great way to save money and eliminate unnecessary spending. Having a budget is scary to some people while others know no other way. No matter your experience with it, there are ways to budget and save even more or make sure that you can stick to it. Follow these tips to start saving or save even more. Click here to read more »

Set Financial Goals for 2016

Very few people have all the money they would like. No matter what your income, though, you can set reasonable goals in order to better your financial position during the coming year.

Three of the most pressing financial issues that face families, especially young families, today are:

  1. Paying down outstanding debt, including student loans
  2. Building up a savings cushion
  3. Tracking expenses, and balancing expenses to income

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Ways to Have Low Cost Holidays Without Anyone Knowing

Handmade GiftIf you are facing a holiday season that might be less than jolly because of facing financial woes, resolve to shift the focus this year away from what you can’t do to the things that are really important to you and your family.

In order to do this, schedule a family conference well in advance to agree on a holiday strategy. Many families have strong opinions about the holidays, therefore, it is important to set expectations as a group. Read our list of alternative holiday suggestions to get started.

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