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Best Steps to Creating a Budget you Can Actually Stick to

Creating a budget is a huge step to financial freedom but creating one and creating one that you can actually stick to are two different things. Use our helpful steps to create a budget that works for you and one that you can be successful with.

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Do’s and Don’t’s of Bankruptcy

If you feel like you’re drowning financially with no hope in sight, then bankruptcy may be the solution, but what are the rules? The process is complex and overwhelming for some, which is why you hire an attorney to do most of the legwork. You can save time and money, however; by avoiding some common errors when getting ready to file.

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Choosing the Right Student Loan

If you are looking into college and do not yet know how you are going to pay for it, then you are likely considering a student loan. It is a popular way to pay for college these days but before you sign the contract on one, you need to explore your options. There are several categories of student loans and they are not all created equally. View these types of student loans so you can better choose the right one for your needs.student loan

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Low-Cost Activities for the Kids this Summer

Summer is coming and that is great for your children but you may be dreading it. That is because instead of being at school all day, they will be at home and they will want to do all kinds of things. The problem with that is that it can get to be very expensive to fund all of these extra activities throughout the summer. Fortunately, we have a few summer fun ideas that will keep your children happy and entertained while letting you have some financial peace.

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Set Financial Goals for 2016

Very few people have all the money they would like. No matter what your income, though, you can set reasonable goals in order to better your financial position during the coming year.

Three of the most pressing financial issues that face families, especially young families, today are:

  1. Paying down outstanding debt, including student loans
  2. Building up a savings cushion
  3. Tracking expenses, and balancing expenses to income

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Top 5 Bankruptcy Facts

Bankruptcy was put into place for people that were not able to meet their financial obligations. It protects them from the creditors contacting them to pay the bills they are unable to.

When trying to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you, there are 5 things you need to know about filing for bankruptcy.

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