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What Do I Do If I Cannot Afford To File Bankruptcy?

If you’re a resident of Georgia considering filing for bankruptcy, you’re not alone. Each year thousands of people in the state go through the process. The district that includes the city of Atlanta has one of the highest rates of bankruptcy in the nation, with about half the filings being for Chapter 7.

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What Should I Do Before I File for Bankruptcy?

Before you file for bankruptcy, there are several things you should be doing. Bankruptcy can solve many debt problems, but it’s a serious decision that deserves adequate time and attention. For more information about bankruptcy, contact Clark and Washington.

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What Do I Need to Know About Refiling Bankruptcy in Georgia

When it comes to the number of times you’re allowed to refile bankruptcy in Georgia, there are no restrictions unless the court order states one. However, if your debts were dismissed in a previous bankruptcy, you must wait a specific amount of time before you can file again.

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What Happens When I File Chapter 7 While in Foreclosure

If you’re facing foreclosure, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an option you are considering to help your situation. Depending on your circumstances, a Chapter 7 filing may indeed be the relief you’re looking for.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Issues to Consider

If you are seriously considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it stands to reason that your financial situation is dire. The main reason that people would file for Chapter 7 without hiring an attorney is to avoid the attorney’s fees.

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Get Control of Your Finances: Decrease Your Holiday Stress

If you are struggling financially this holiday season, you are not alone. Many people living in Atlanta and the surrounding area are wondering what to do about the growing mountain of debt they are facing. If your debt is out of control and you aren’t sure what to do, bankruptcy may be an option.

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Bankruptcy Statistics Among Residents of Georgia

At Clark & Washington, we understand that there may come a time when you can no longer pay your bills and you need to find a way out. If you are trying to make the minimum payments on your credit cards and you continue to get behind on your bills, it’s time to consider filing for bankruptcy.

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Your Pension in Bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and you currently have a pension in place, it is only natural to wonder if your pension will be safe. Currently, there is broad protection for pensions under the law.

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Types of Creditor Claims in Bankruptcy: Secured, Unsecured & Priority

There are many different kinds of debts, and when it comes to bankruptcy, they are not all treated the same.

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Will I lose My Home If I File for Bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy does not mean you will automatically lose your home. In fact, the automatic stay provided when you file for bankruptcy could prevent your home from going into foreclosure.  Click here to read more »

Hiding Assets in a Bankruptcy Can Cost You

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or already have, you want to do everything in your power to follow the law.
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Top Reasons People Go Bankrupt

Bankruptcy is a scary word, and it can happen both over time or very fast. The causes of bankruptcy can vary from person to person but they usually revolve around the same things.  Click here to read more »

The Number One Cause of Bankruptcy: Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are rapidly increasing in the United States. With higher deductibles that are coming with insurance policies and Americans who are still without insurance, people are paying more out of their own pocket for health care than ever before.

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Which Debts Will Be Discharged In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

One component of bankruptcy that many people get confused about is what can and cannot be discharged from their debts. The common misconception is that all debt is discharged and this is simply not the case. The types of debt that can be discharged have a lot to do with the type of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the type of bankruptcy that has to do with discharging debts instead of simply paying them down. Before you file Chapter 7 Atlanta, you need to know if your debts are able to be removed from your record.

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Life After Bankruptcy: 7 Steps To Rebuilding Your Credit

Once you have filed for bankruptcy and your case has been closed, you may find yourself relieved but also scared about what comes next. Now that you have removed debt, you are still stuck with a bankruptcy on your credit and your credit score has likely gone down. It takes time to rebuild your credit but that doesn’t mean it will happen on its own. There are things you will need to do after your Atlanta bankruptcy so start rebuilding credit. Use these 7 steps to help get your credit back on track.

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Reasons You May be Looking to File Bankruptcy

Many people are scared of the word “bankruptcy” but it can actually be something that can change your entire life around. There are many different reasons that people choose to file for bankruptcy and it is not something to be ashamed of. These are some of the most common reasons people choose to file for bankruptcy that we have come across.

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What You May Not know about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy all by itself can be complicated and confusing. However, there are two different kinds of bankruptcies and many people can easily confuse the two. At the same time, many people do not fully understand the process because of myths and misconceptions. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can definitely help you get the fresh start you are dreaming of but if you want to best possible outcome, then you need to know some of the basics as well as little known facts about it. Here are just a few facts about Chapter 7 bankruptcy you may not yet know.

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5 Signs You Aren’t Managing Your Money Well

Losing your finances usually occurs over time, and that’s why it is useful to take a good look at your finances every month. When you are beginning to feel stressed every month trying to pay your bills, there are usually explanations for your lack of money at the end of the month. Here are 5 signs that indicate you are losing control of your finances.
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Credit Cards After Bankruptcy: What are my options?

Once you have completed a bankruptcy, it’s going to take some time to start building up your credit again. Credit cards that are available to you once your credit has been ruined are going to have high interest rates and low limits. You’ll have to start with secured credit cards, which come in a variety of options but which are designed to help you build up your credit.

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Getting Credit Card Debt Under Control

Credit cards can be a convenience when used in moderation. Unfortunately, many people are tempted to use credit cards to purchase things they can’t really afford. Then they get caught up in a never-ending cycle of just making the minimum payment each month. They don’t pay off the balance, and the interest keeps accruing. Over a period of time, this becomes a financial nightmare. Out of control credit card debt is one of the primary reasons people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Better money management can help avoid the pitfalls of excessive credit card debt.

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